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Hidden Needle Tattoo Parlor

  No Regrets.  

Holy smokes - you just secured an apprenticeship with one of the most acclaimed tattoo shops in the world: Hidden Needle Tattoo Parlor. You and your team of rookies have been paired with the shop's most... "eclectic"artist: Arthur "Gator" Miller. 

It's crucial that you and your team of rookies make a solid impression. Can you work up the ranks as a newb and develop a tattoo talent as impressive as Gator? Well, he's sure to be the judge of that!

If you can survive Gator's freaky fast-paced apprenticeship, you're set to secure a booth at any shop of your choice. I'm sure it will also make for one heck of a good story. 

Parental Discretion Advised: This is a family-friendly adventure. However, this environment contains vintage Pinup flash tattoo art.



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The Exit Games | Hidden Needle Tattoo Parlor
The Exit Games

The Exit Games | Hidden Needle Tattoo Parlor

THE EXIT GAMES WARNING: This experience may cause the desire to run to the nearest tattoo shop and ink your whole body. Other side effects may include: changing your Insta handle to your new tattoo name, developing an Australian accent, or calling your friends "rookies."

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