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Front Street Casino Heist

 Are you willing to press your luck? 

You are a member of America’s most successful crime syndicate. Today, you’ll be facing your greatest challenge yet: stealing the valuables behind the Front Street Casino's vault. 

If you do manage to enter the vault, you will have to make a crucial decision: take the available money and run, or stay a little longer to try to increase your take!

The more you solve, the more you steal! Just how confident are you…is your freedom worth more to you than greed?



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The Exit Games | Front Street Casino Heist
The Exit Games

The Exit Games | Front Street Casino Heist

THE EXIT GAMES WARNING: This room may cause the temptation to purchase the Retro Arcade in Grand Theft Auto. Other side effects may include: "For the Love of Money" by the O'Jay's being stuck in your head for the next 4 days and/or feeling like George Clooney in Ocean's 13.

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